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This is how you can properly activate Windows 11

This is how you can properly activate Windows 11

Microsoft has thrown a bit of a surprise with the announcement of Windows 11. When the company launched the Windows 10 OS, they had made it clear that this would be their last-named OS, and what would follow were subsequent updates that would essentially play the role of fixing bugs, bringing in improvements, or new features. However, in a move that surprised us all, Microsoft recently announced that they would be proceeding with a new version of Windows after all.

Windows 11 will officially be Microsoft’s new operating system, and while there is going to be a proper event detailing all the new features in the new offering, there was actually a leak online, where people actually got a beta build of the new Windows 11 OS, sparking some first-look images and content detailing everything that is new with the new version of Windows.

Microsoft has clarified that people who are running Windows 10 will be getting Windows 11 as a free upgrade, but what you need to know is that when you do receive the upgrade, you will have to ensure that the Windows 11 copy has been activated. Failure to do so will actually disable features such as personalization, making it almost a dummy copy with barely active features.

Now, if you own a laptop or computer that is running a legal copy of Windows 10, then the copy of Windows 11 will come pre-activated. However, if for some reason, the copy of Windows 11 is not activated, and you have the product key for your Windows 10 OS available, you can use the same key to activate Windows 11 and get started.

Let’s take a look at how you can proceed to activate your copy of Windows 11.

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Open the ‘Settings‘ app on your Windows 11 PC or laptop.
In the settings menu, click on the ‘Updates and Security‘ option.


This is how you can properly activate Windows 11


In the left-hand side pane, click on the ‘Activation‘ option. You will now see the various available settings on the right-hand side window.


This is how you can properly activate Windows 11


Now, if you want to enter the new product key for activation, click on the ‘Change Product Key‘ option.


This is how you can properly activate Windows 11


Now, you can enter the product key that you received for activating Windows 10.


This is how you can properly activate Windows 11


Your copy of Windows 11 will now be activated.

What we find interesting, however, is that you can activate your copy of Windows 11, using the product key for Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 as well. This clearly indicates that the upgrade will be free for PC owners running either of these flavors of Windows, which is definitely good news. Also, while Microsoft has given this OS a new version number, the first looks we have got, indicates that it is actually a more matured version of Windows 10, with some much-needed UI changes and slightly better performance.

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