This is how you can disable Twitter's new chirping sound

This is how you can disable Twitter’s new chirping sound

Users of Twitter’s official app have recently noticed a new sound – when you drag down to refresh your timeline, notifications, DMs, or pretty much anything else, there’s a robotic chirp sound that sounds like a futuristic bird or frog. Some people have been entranced by the sound, while others have been repulsed by it. If you are someone who falls in the latter category, then you are in luck, in this guide, we are going to show you how you can easily disable the new Twitter chirping sound.

Method 1. Turn your phone to silent mode

The first is astonishingly simple: according to our experiments, switching your phone to silent mode prevents the sound from playing. On iPhones, this entails moving the ringer switch on the left side of the phone, above the volume buttons, closer to the back of the phone.

The pull-to-refresh sound does not appear to be available on all Android phones (and indeed, it appears to be a different sound). If you do have it, you can generally quiet your ringer by going to settings and putting your phone to vibrate or mute, or by going to the menu that appears after you press the volume buttons.

Method 2. Disable Twitter sounds on the app

Now, turning on the silent mode on your phone is not really the solution you may be looking for, as you may need notifications to be turned on for other apps. In that case, this method will be more useful, as it deals with changing the settings from within the app.

Step 1. Open the Twitter app on your smartphone (iPhone or Android).