The Volvo EX90 2024 will be 'hardware capable' of self-driving

The Volvo EX90 2024 will be ‘hardware capable’ of self-driving

The sensor suite on the EX90 includes eight cameras, five radars, sixteen close-range ultrasonic sensors, and one forward-mounted lidar unit. According to Volvo, when these components are combined, the EX90 will have hardware capable of running independently. The Ride Pilot function has not yet been made available to the general public. Volvo says that when the feature is released, it will take a conservative approach, limiting the feature to specific Operational Design Domains (ODD) such as high-definition mapped highways and only operating in optimal conditions, though this will become more lenient over time as Volvo gains confidence in its system.

Volvo has a lengthy history of deviating from the SAE-defined degrees of driving autonomy. A Volvo spokeswoman confirmed this to Edmunds earlier this year, insisting that Ride Pilot, although not complying with any specific SAE standard, will be autonomous.