The Volt 12 is Ooni's first indoor pizza oven

The Volt 12 is Ooni’s first indoor pizza oven

Ooni claims that the Karu 12G stays hotter for longer than the Karu 12 due to improved heat retention and insulation. There’s also a hinged door that keeps the heat inside and a glass panel for baking views. According to the firm, improved airflow on the Karu 12G results in more consistent cooking on the oven, which can reach 950 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Ooni, new model can reach 850 degrees Fahrenheit 29 percent faster than earlier versions and consumes 46 percent less petrol. The Karu 12G will cost $429, which is more expensive than the $300 Karu 12, but less than half the price of the $799 Karu 16.