Microsoft provides personality settings for Bing's AI chatbot

Microsoft provides personality settings for Bing’s AI chatbot

Microsoft has rapidly followed through on its promise to offer users more control over the personality of the Bing AI. Mikhail Parakhin, web services head, indicated that 90 percent of Bing preview testers should notice a toggle that adjusts the chatbot’s replies. A Artistic setting encourages more “unique and inventive” (read: entertaining) responses, whereas a Precise setting encourages shorter, to-the-point responses. There’s also a Balanced option, which seeks for a happy medium.

Because early customers reported unusual behaviour during protracted discussions and ‘entertainment’ sessions, the business limited the Bing AI’s replies. According to The Verge, the limits irritated some users since the chatbot would simply reject to answer some inquiries. Microsoft has steadily lifted restrictions since then, and the AI was recently modified to lessen both unresponsiveness and “hallucinations.” The bot may not be as bizarre, but it should be more eager to satisfy your curiosity.

The choice appears as Microsoft broadens access to the Bing AI. Microsoft added the technology to its mobile applications and Skype in late February, and it just added it to the Windows 11 taskbar. The adaptability may make the AI more effective in these more diverse contexts, while also adding a measure of safety as more ordinary people experiment with the system. If you select Creative, you are probably aware that you should not expressly trust the outcomes.