The Volt 12 is Ooni's first indoor pizza oven

The Volt 12 is Ooni’s first indoor pizza oven

You can keep an eye on things with inside illumination for the 13-inch surface and an insulated glass door. According to the business, the oven can reach 850 degrees Fahrenheit in 20 minutes and can heat up quickly enough for Neapolitan-style pizza. In comparison, the multi-fuel Karu 16 takes 15 minutes to reach 950 degrees. If the Volt 12 senses that nothing is being cooked, it will switch off after 45 minutes, according to Ooni. The oven also has built-in handles for mobility, but it weighs over 40 pounds and isn’t simply tossed in the back of a car on the spur of the moment. The Volt 12 is also $999, which is comparable to Breville’s Pizzaiolo, which the firm claims is the first countertop oven capable of reaching 750 degrees and comes with a choice of settings for different types.