The Valorant Battle Pass includes a Tribute to a Fan Who Has Passed Away

The Valorant Battle Pass includes a Tribute to a Fan Who Has Passed Away

Riot Games is renowned for paying respect to Valorant players with battle pass goods, which is precisely what it did when it produced the Corbin’s Light pistol buddy to remember a fan who died of cancer. Players can get the charm as well as additional cosmetic items that may allude to game narrative, aspects related to impending Valorant agents, or future areas.

Riot Games has released Valorant Episode 5 Act III, the Dimension episode’s last portion. Harbor, an Indian controller agent who can manipulate water, and a new edition of the fan-favorite Ion skin line were introduced to players. This month, the developer also promised a cooperation with gaming peripheral firm Secretlab, as well as a Give Back / 2022 Bundle available from November 16 to 30.

Every Valorant act contains a new battle pass with free and paid cosmetic items that players may get as they progress through the game. Corbin’s Light pistol buddy appears in Episode 5 Act III to commemorate a Valorant community member. Riot Games associate integration artist Catalina Faerman created a blue star inspired by the actual star named after Corbin by the Make-a-Wish Foundation with the support of Corbin’s brother. This is a free item obtained after gaining 23,000 XP in the battle pass.



Riot Games also vowed to donate to the C-Squad Foundation, which was founded in Corbin’s honor by his family, through the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. Corbin’s Light isn’t Riot Games’ first battle pass item dedicated to a player. Finest, the Filipino player famous for the “Revive me, Jett” meme who died last year, was honored with the “Finest” game tag during Episode 4 Act III back in April. Last year, they also created a lovely gun companion titled “Good Boy Bruno” to commemorate the life of Bruno the Corgi.

Valorant, like any other competitive first-person shooting game, has a devoted following worldwide. It’s hardly surprising that Riot Games would take the effort to thank its loyal fans. It would even combine certain popular Valorant internet memes into battle pass goods, like as the “This Is Also Fine” spray, which depicts Phoenix encircled by flames.

Equally crucial is Riot Games’ approach to bug fixes with each patch, even if it means briefly halting competitive queue to cure a Valorant exploit every now and again. Fortunately for them, the community can see their commitment, and it appears to be strong. In future acts, they may also expect more Easter eggs in the Valorant combat pass.

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