The Uber app has begun delivering ad notifications, according to the business
Image Source - Twitter

The Uber app has begun delivering ad notifications, according to the business

Uber is allegedly testing push alerts for advertisements. According to reports, the corporation has been delivering irrelevant adverts to its consumers, and some individuals have complained about it. According to the referenced source, the corporation sent multiple advertisements to consumers, one of which offered them two months of free Peloton membership.

Some customers have voiced their displeasure on Twitter after receiving unwelcome alerts from the Uber app. While every other service we utilise has advertisements, most applications do not transmit push notification advertisements.

The newest development comes just a few weeks after the business announced the addition of a new advertising section to the app. While the ads are not yet visible in the Indian version of the Uber app, the report claims that the company only intends to provide an “in-app ad experience.” However, the company reportedly asserted that users would only receive ads when interacting with its service, and users are now upset because the platform has begun sending notifications for ads.

“This was a limited test, and customers can always modify their mobile notification settings in the app under Privacy and then Notifications,” Uber said. Of course, you may deactivate notifications; but, doing so also disables crucial service alerts.

As of yet, there is no word on when this test will be completed or how many individuals will be involved. The corporation has not said how long this test will run or if it will be made accessible to everyone in the future.

According to the report, Uber will begin putting a single brand for a full ride for in-app advertising. It will allegedly show advertisements on the app while a user waits for a vehicle, throughout the journey, or when you arrive at your destination. Advertisers would allegedly be able to customise their adverts depending on their journey history and destination.