The Top RPA Software Solutions to Elevate Your Business in 2023

The Top RPA Software Solutions to Elevate Your Business in 2023

Blue Prism, a renowned RPA platform, caters to a wide range of industries and offers a unique feature set to facilitate the automation journey.

One standout feature of Blue Prism is its “Process Assessment” tool, which assists organizations in identifying the most beneficial processes to automate. This tool simplifies the process by allowing users to complete an online survey or export relevant data to help determine the most suitable automation candidates.

When it comes to actual automation, Blue Prism positions itself as a low-code platform, simplifying development by enabling users to create portals, web forms, websites, and more with minimal coding requirements. However, it’s worth noting that Blue Prism’s interface is often considered more complex compared to some other RPA platforms, making it less suitable for beginners without prior RPA experience.

Deployment options for Blue Prism are flexible, allowing users to choose between their own cloud infrastructure or access it as a SaaS platform on a public cloud.

Pricing for Blue Prism is not standardized, necessitating direct contact with the company’s sales team for a customized quote. The final cost depends on factors such as the number of users and the specific features chosen. It’s worth noting that Blue Prism is typically associated with a substantial annual cost, often running into thousands of dollars, making it more suitable for large enterprises with significant IT budgets.

In summary, Blue Prism offers a robust suite of tools for RPA, including a unique process assessment tool, but its relatively complex interface and cost structure may limit its appeal primarily to large enterprises with substantial resources.


Number 4. Microsoft Power Automate


The Top RPA Software Solutions to Elevate Your Business in 2023


Microsoft, a globally recognized technology giant, is renowned as the world’s largest software company. It is most prominently known for its Windows desktop operating system and the Azure cloud computing service.

Within Microsoft’s expansive product portfolio, you’ll find Microsoft Power Automate, an invaluable automation tool. Power Automate belongs to the Power family of products, which includes the widely-used Power BI and Power Apps.