The Top 5 absolute BEST Hypercars of 2022

The Top 5 absolute BEST Hypercars of 2022

Our top 5 hypercars represent the pinnacle of automotive performance and the world’s fastest, most costly, and most powerful four-wheeled accomplishments.

If it recently established a production-car speed record or pushed us into unknown territory in terms of ask-and-you-can’t-afford showroom pricing or peak power output, you’ll probably find it here.

Some of the cars in this class feature cutting-edge hybrid-electric powertrains, while others have ferociously powerful combustion engines ready to propel them into the middle distance. But they are all monuments to both science and the joy of pure speed.


Number 1. Mclaren Senna


The Top 5 absolute BEST Hypercars of 2022


When McLaren chose the name of its most renowned and tragically fated Formula One racing driver as the model identification for its newest Ultimate Series hypercar, the motorsport and car industries both took a deep breath. Could evoking the memories of a renowned, much-missed man like Ayrton Senna and then using it to sell a new automobile – any car – ever be made to appear like a smart idea? Was it truly McLaren’s idea to use Ayrton’s name?

You probably already have a strong opinion on it, as well as whether you appreciate the notion – or the car’s unwavering function-over-form style. However, don’t discount out the potential that a ride in the magnificent Senna – the fastest, most sophisticated, most exhilarating, and most purposeful road-legal track vehicle its creator could construct – will alter your opinion.

The Senna is a vehicle with absolutely incredible track capabilities. Even though it is not the most powerful vehicle to have run our dry handling circuit, it has such incredible reserves of grip that when we road-tested it in 2018, it destroyed our dry-handling track lap record by a full second and a half. With 800kg of downforce at its height and a snarling V8 producing just under 800bhp, it’s a vehicle you’d expect to be a nerve-racking challenge on track and almost difficult to drive on the road. The plain truth is that neither is correct.