The 5 Most Luxurious Cars of 2022

The 5 Most Luxurious Cars of 2022

If you want the ultimate in grandeur, refinement, sense of occasion, and prestige from your vehicle, this is the market for you. There isn’t a vehicle here that costs less than six figures, and one or two may even cost seven figures. After all, for typical super-luxury class clients, being denied the option to quadruple the cost of your automobile in order to make it completely your own would be the ultimate turn-off.

So, if you want to be ferried about like Lord Sugar in a vehicle spectacular enough to make you feel 10 feet tall and you can afford the finest life has to offer, you’re in luck. This is what your driver should order.


Number 1. Rolls Royce Phantom


The 5 Most Luxurious Cars of 2022


The biggest and best luxury transport in motordom was replaced by Rolls-Royce in 2017 and promptly received a sparkling five-star road test welcome from our road testers.

Owners will adore it for the lavish display of wealth and prestige it bestows, as well as the unparalleled feeling of occasion you get while travelling in one. While many would never know, the newest Phantom is also an absolute delight and an unique pleasure to drive.

Its superbly comfortable and singularly isolating ride comfort can, of course, be sampled from the back seats, and is unlike anything else you’ll encounter in a car: gently loping and deliciously indulgent-feeling, but also supremely quiet and smooth, despite Rolls-use Royce’s of the latest run-flat tyre technology.

However, the precision feel and perfect weight of the car’s large-rimmed steering wheel are remarkable, as is the ease with which such a massive car can be placed on the road; the tolerance it has for whatever rate of progress suits your trip; the supreme refinement and flexibility of its V12 engine; and the progressiveness of its throttle pedal on step-off.

Despite being an almost three-tonne love ballad to beautiful seclusion, this vehicle accelerates from 0-100mph and through the gears faster than the previous Ford Focus RS. Its engineering integrity is absolutely amazing.