Google app and the Google Chrome app?

The Top 10 web browsers for your PC

Every year, we see a slew of new web browsers being launched in the market, and while some of them are really promising with genuine developers working hard behind the screen, there are some that are just absolute scams.

When it comes to PCs/Laptops also, the OEMs these days are working on their own browsers and giving them as default in there products, but in this case, also, there have been many proprietary browsers that have been exposed for some not so legal activities.

In such a volatile market, here is a list of the top ten web browsers, from which you can choose what is the best for your PC/Laptop.

Number 1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been the best browser for PC/Laptops ever since its launch. The Chromium engine has worked wonders for the browser and with consistent updates and improvements pushed by Google, it looks like Google Chrome is here to stay for the years to come.


The Top 10 web browsers for your PC


Some of the defining features of Google Chrome are –

  1. Great Speed
  2. Private Browsing
  3. Dedicated web store for extensions

You can download the Google Chrome browser for your PC through this link.

Number 2. Safari

Safari stands on par with Google Chrome in terms of performance but comes in the second place because it is exclusive to just iOS and macOS devices. Apple has been improving the Safari browser through the years, and with a focus on security now forming the backbone of this browser, it is now also the most secure browser in the market.


The Top 10 web browsers for your PC


Safari is available as the default browser on all iOS and macOS devices.

Number 3. Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

The new Microsoft Edge browser has taken a quantum leap in terms of browser performance and security. Built on the Chromium engine, just like Google Chrome, Microsoft has played it right this time around and the end result is a web browser that gives you the feature set of Google Chrome with the visual identity of Microsoft.