Every year, we see a slew of new web browsers being launched in the market, and while some of them are really promising with genuine developers working hard behind the screen, there are some that are just absolute scams.

When it comes to PCs/Laptops also, the OEMs these days are working on their own browsers and giving them as default in there products, but in this case, also, there have been many proprietary browsers that have been exposed for some not so legal activities.

In such a volatile market, here is a list of the top ten web browsers, from which you can choose what is the best for your PC/Laptop.

Number 1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been the best browser for PC/Laptops ever since its launch. The Chromium engine has worked wonders for the browser and with consistent updates and improvements pushed by Google, it looks like Google Chrome is here to stay for the years to come.


The Top 10 web browsers for your PC


Some of the defining features of Google Chrome are –

  1. Great Speed
  2. Private Browsing
  3. Dedicated web store for extensions

You can download the Google Chrome browser for your PC through this link.

Number 2. Safari

Safari stands on par with Google Chrome in terms of performance but comes in the second place because it is exclusive to just iOS and macOS devices. Apple has been improving the Safari browser through the years, and with a focus on security now forming the backbone of this browser, it is now also the most secure browser in the market.


The Top 10 web browsers for your PC


Safari is available as the default browser on all iOS and macOS devices.

Number 3. Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

The new Microsoft Edge browser has taken a quantum leap in terms of browser performance and security. Built on the Chromium engine, just like Google Chrome, Microsoft has played it right this time around and the end result is a web browser that gives you the feature set of Google Chrome with the visual identity of Microsoft.


The Top 10 web browsers for your PC


It looks fairly obvious now, that the Microsoft Edge browser is just a few steps away from challenging the Top 2 for their spot on the rank list.

Microsoft Edge is available as a free download for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Number 4. Opera browser

This is by far, the best third-party web browser in the morning. The Opera browser has recently undergone a re-branding, and with the browser now featuring an in-built VPN feature, the Opera browser makes a strong case for itself, especially, if you are looking for a great second choice browser.


The Top 10 web browsers for your PC


The Opera browser is available as a free download for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Number 5. Mozilla Firefox

One of the most popular third-party browsers in the market is Mozilla Firefox. After having gone through a rough patch recently, the Firefox browser is back and this time, it looks like it is here to stay.


The Top 10 web browsers for your PC


The new Firefox browser allows you to customize every aspect of its visual identity. It also has an inbuilt ad-block feature that allows you to browse the web without the risk of clicking one of those spam ads and pop-ups.

Firefox is available as a free download for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

Number 6. UR Browser

This chromium-based browser is has everything you need and more when it comes to supporting the lower end or older PCs. It does not load any ads or unnecessary tracking scripts maintains browsing security and keeps the performance sharp.


The Top 10 web browsers for your PC


The UR browser also allows you to perform some customizations, which helps you get a unique experience, and with parallel downloading, the files you want will be on your PC in literally half the time.

Click here to head to the Download page of the UR browser.

Number 7. Lunascape browser

What sets this browser apart from the rest of the competition, is the fact that it contains three render engines – Trident (Internet Explorer), Gecko (Firefox), or WebKit (Safari and formerly Chrome) all bundled into a single browser.


The Top 10 web browsers for your PC


The Lunascape browser contains everything you expect from a lightweight web browser, but it is fairly obvious, that Lunascape is going in heavy with its multi-render platform.

So, if you want to experience this platform for yourself, you can download the lightweight Lunascape browser from here.

Number 8. Maxthon Browser

This browser has a lot of features that will entice you into giving it a swing. Featuring a clean UI, fast browsing speed, video ad forwarding, and a lot more, the Maxthon browser is really one of the top choices when it comes to third-party web browsers.


The Top 10 web browsers for your PC


The Maxthon browser is available for all platforms.

Number 9. UC Browser

UC browser is very popular on Android smartphones, but little do people know that there is a PC version as well.

Performance-wise, it is quite responsive but nowhere close to the top 5 on this list. Despite having a great feature set, most of them are clunky and while it is ok to have this as a second choice browser, it is nowhere near a perfect product.


The Top 10 web browsers for your PC

You can get the UC browser for your PC from here.

Number 10. Vivaldi browser

The Vivaldi browser usually goes unnoticed among the rest of the bunch, but if you were to get it on your device, you will see how incredible some of its features are.

The end to end encryption ensures that no one can access the data you send and receive through your browser. The ad-blocker works just fine, but then again, the other browsers in this loss also have these features.


The Top 10 web browsers for your PC


The browser is a cross-platform one, which means you can get it for Windows and macOS, and while it does have a fairly repetitive feature set, it is still fluid and very dependable.

So, there you have it, these are the top 10 web browsers for your PC.