The text-based video editor Descript now allows you to develop scripts as you go

The text-based video editor Descript now allows you to develop scripts as you go

Descript attempts to make video editing easier by asking it a question of modifying transcripts, but you no longer require ready-made audio. The firm rebuilt the script with a new interface incorporating a writing tool. You may develop a script in Overdub on the fly and then either use text-to-speech to vocalise it or replace it later with your audio. This may be useful if your content has no spoken-word material, but it may also be useful if you are not comfortable speaking.

The app’s overall focus is now on “Scenes,” or different visual portions (pictured above). Moments in a video are essentially treated like slides in a presentation, with their overlays and titles. The notion may be simpler to comprehend than working with a traditional video editor’s timeline. As a result, templates with pre-made layouts, title sequences, and social clips are now available.

Other enhancements are more in line with what you’d expect from recognised media editing software. The Descript recorder has been integrated into the editor, with independent tracks for your screen and camera. Colour management enables you to change exposure and white balance, while AI-powered chroma keying allows you to eliminate backgrounds like a green screen. If you require a pre-made soundtrack or B-roll film, you can now get it from sites like Giphy, Storyblocks, and Unsplash.

The updated Descript is now available for Macs and Windows PCs. The cost is determined by how you plan to utilise it. The programme is free for one hour of transcription, a 720p video, and other basic functions, but you must pay $12 per month to get limitless watermark-free video exports, 4K video, and 10 hours of transcription. Heavy users will wish to pay $24 a month for unlimited Overdub, 30 hours of transcription per month, and unrestricted versions of tools such as Audiograms and filler word removal.

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As previously stated, Descript is most suited for use with dialogue-heavy videos or podcasts. You could still want to use a traditional timeline-based editor to create the next great movie or TV programme. However, the updated version may be tempting if you need to generate a somewhat professional video quickly.

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