The step by step guide to updating your Android Apps

The step by step guide to updating your Android Apps

The one thing that keeps smartphones ticking is apps. When the whole smart revolution began, it was only the big developers who had the power and resources to make applications that would transform the humble phone, into a handheld computer. Fast forward a decade. and today, we have everyone, from amateurs to big companies, working on apps that help users perform a multitude of tasks, from menial to advanced. Additionally, with smartphones now integrating some exciting new tech in the form of AR/VR, upgraded camera sensors, etc. sky is the limit for app developers, who now have a bigger playground to experiment and show off their skills.

But developers can’t just create an app and let it be. No app is perfect and there are malicious hackers who always find vulnerabilities in these apps and create all sorts of security concerns. To keep this at bay, and to ensure that the app is loaded up with new features periodically, it is important for developers to update their apps from time and time, and as users, it is our responsibility to keep the apps on our smartphones up-to-date. In the market, there are two app marketplaces that are above and beyond everyone else – Google’s Play Store (Loaded into every Android smartphone by default), and Apple’s App Store (Loaded into every iOS and macOS device by default).

When it comes to the Play Store, there is a feature that allows the apps to update themselves automatically, every time there is a new version available, but if you are someone who has disabled auto-update, or for some reason, the auto-update function has not worked, then this guide will tell you how you can easily check for, and update the apps on your Android smartphone.

Let’s get started –

Step 1. On your Android smartphone, tap on the Play Store application to open up the app marketplace.