How to sing along with your favourite songs on Apple Music

How to sing along with your favourite songs on Apple Music

Content consumption has now gone fully digital and with that, there has been a large influx of brands coming out with their own streaming platforms that allow subscribers to watch and even listen to some of their favorite content. When it comes to music streaming, two of the biggest names in the market today are Spotify and Apple Music. We have had the pleasure of using them both side by side and we can confirm that both of them are equally capable and come filled with some exciting features and perks that other streaming platforms do not always provide. Today, we are going to focus on Apple Music.

Home to thousands of new and old songs, Apple Music boasts an amazing library, that is updated almost every time there is a new music launch anywhere in the world, and it also allows listeners to indulge in their guilty pleasure of singing along to their favorite songs using interactive lyrics. While the inclusion of lyrics primarily depends on the creator of the song, or the distributor, we have seen majority of the content on the Apple Music, come with lyrics included, making it easy to sing along to our favourite song, and sometimes, even get to know the actual lyrics of the lines that we have been singing wrong the whole time.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how to sing along to your favourite songs on Apple Music.

Disclaimer – Apple Music is not a free-to-use service and as such, you will need to subscribe to a plan in order to access the content that is available on the platform.

Step 1. Open the Apple Music app on your iPhone.