The step by step guide to unfollowing a user on Facebook

The step by step guide to unfollowing a user on Facebook

Facebook as a social network has been evolving through the years to make it easier for people to connect across the world. Initially, when you added a friend on Facebook, you would start receiving updates about their activity, but it soon turned out that people were only interested in the activity of a few of their friends, and to help users filter these out, they created an option known as the following option. This way, you could add friends to your Facebook account, but start following those who you wish to see more from. The feature works the other way round as well. What we mean is that if there is a user you don’t want to receive updates from, but still want to remain friends on the platform, you can simply unfollow them and that will block out their notifications from your feed. What this means is that, even if they post 10-20 posts on their profile, you will not be notified, and at times, you may not even see most of them appear automatically on your feed.

Unfollowing a user is very easy to do and in this tutorial, we will give you a step-by-step guide to unfollowing a user on Facebook.

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Open the web browser on your desktop/laptop.
In the URL bar, enter the following link –


unfollow on Facebook


Search for the user you want to unfollow.


The step by step guide to unfollowing a user on Facebook


Click on their name or profile photo to open their profile on Facebook.


Click on the ‘Following‘ button near their profile.


From the drop-down menu, click on the ‘Unfollow *user*‘ button.


The step by step guide to unfollowing a user on Facebook


You will stop receiving updates from that user on Facebook, but you will still remain friends on the platform.


In the future, if you wish to Follow the user again, you can do so by heading to their profile and clicking on the ‘Follow‘ button. The operation is also possible on the mobile app so if you are not close to your laptop, you can simply head to the user’s profile on the Facebook mobile app and unfollow them there. You can download the Facebook app for free on Android and iOS using the links below.

Facebook for iOS – Click Here

Facebook for Android – Click Here



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