The revolutionary GMC HUMMER EV is now available in the UAE and Kuwait

The revolutionary GMC HUMMER EV is now available in the UAE and Kuwait

GMC Middle East announce the official arrival of the much anticipated GMC HUMMER EV pickup truck, the world’s first all-electric supertruck, and GMC HUMMER EV SUV to GMC dealerships in the UAE and Kuwait, with more select markets to follow later in 2024.

The vehicles are the first electric additions to GMC’s line-up of bold, capable and precisely crafted premium trucks and SUVs promising to provide remarkable on and off-road capability with a quiet, all-electric propulsion system.

Jack Uppal – President & Managing Director of General Motors, Africa & Middle East said: “Since we announced the GMC HEV, we’ve experienced an unprecedented response from the market. The arrival to the market is a milestone we have been impatiently waiting for. The GMC HEV represents the ultimate expression of GMC’s premium and capability . This region is passionate about off-road performance and the love for GMC trucks became so ubiquitous that to this day many across the region refer to any pick-up truck and SUV as JIMMS. Through the GMC HUMMER EV pair, we’re reaffirming our commitment to a market we’ve been calling home for about a century now and disrupting the off-roading space this time with all capable all electric Supertruck and SUV.”


The revolutionary GMC HUMMER EV is now available in the UAE and Kuwait


Equipped with advanced technology and features, industry-leading fast-charge capabilities and ULTIUM battery platform, the GMC HEV delivers more than 540Km of range (GM estimate) on a full charge.

The GMC HEV offers best-in-class 1,000 horsepower, and 11,500 lb.-ft. of torque (15,591 Nm), generated by three separate motors to give its e4WD system remarkable on- and off-road capabilities. 

Features such as Adaptive Air Suspension hardware and Extract Mode enable the suspension height to be raised approximately 149 mm (6 inches) to help the GMC HEV negotiate extreme off-road situations such as sand dunes, clearing boulders or fording water. 


The revolutionary GMC HUMMER EV is now available in the UAE and Kuwait


It is also equipped with Terrain Mode and One-Pedal Driving control. Its One-Pedal Driving mode can slow the vehicle to a full stop by just depressing the accelerator pedal providing very fine control, while Terrain Mode uniquely integrates the brake system with One-Pedal Driving, giving the driver precise control while off-roading and rock crawling. Regen on Demand on the other hand can slow the vehicle to a full stop through a dedicated steering wheel mounted paddle, regenerated energy is fed back into the battery enabling its range capabilities.

Another highlight is the 4 Wheel Steer which features industry-leading CrabWalk – this allows the rear and front wheels to steer at the same angle at low speeds, enabling diagonal movement of the vehicle, for even greater maneuverability on challenging terrain.

Another unique feature of the GMC HEV is the Watts to Freedom, a driver-selectable experience that unleashes the full acceleration capability of the EV propulsion system, including GM-estimated 0-100 kmh performance in approximately 3 seconds on the Supertruck and 3.5 seconds on the SUV model.

Additionally, as safety is an overring priority, before being available in market, the GMC HUMMER EV went through local extreme hot temperature testing in the deserts of the UAE. This includes extreme hot temperature evaluation in some of the most challenging off-road locations in the UAE, like the Liwa Desert, Maleiha Desert and Wadi Shawka to name a few, with the aim of having the deserts of the Middle East seen to be amongst the natural habitat for the vehicle.

For additional information around pricing and availability, please reach out to your local GMC Dealership or visit the nearest GMC showroom.