Logitech has been the go-to brand for computer peripherals for years now and the best part about the brand is that they have managed to stay in touch with changing trends in technology. But, when a brand like this keeps pushing out iconic devices on a regular basis, there are bound to be cheap imposters waiting to copy these products and make a quick buck. Such imposter products have next to zero credibility and have been built with no quality and safety parameters.


The Mystery behind Logicool - Is it genuine ?


Earlier, it was easy to spot such imposters in the market, but thanks to advancements in graphic technology, imposter brands successfully copy even the branding elements of mainstream brands and sometimes even fool customers into thinking that they are the real deal. however, there are also cases where brands have renamed themselves in certain areas, and people just aren’t aware, so they miss out on products just because they cannot connect with the brand name. This adds to the confusion.

Many tech bloggers today are taking steps to verify products and ensure that such investigations reach public attention so that they can buy the right product from the right brand.

Recently, we were looking to buy some computer peripherals and as per habit, we logged into Amazon and put in a query for a Logitech wireless mouse.


The Mystery behind Logicool - Is it genuine ?
The ‘Logitech’ product we saw first


The first result, of course, was the original product in question, but a few options later, we saw the same offering from a brand called Logicool. Now, ideally, we would have ignored this. listing, except, this particular brand looked way too convincing. By this we mean, the logo was the same, the name was similar, the model number of both peripherals was the same, the design was exactly the same, and while the colors in the listings were different, we confirmed that the color options were also the same. This piqued our attention and we decided to dig a little deeper.


The Mystery behind Logicool - Is it genuine ?


What we found, was something definitely new, and we thought we should share it with you all.

You see, Logitech sells products under the ‘Logitech’ brand name all over the world, except Japan. This is because Japan is home to another tech-based company called ‘Logitec’, and it also has the copyright to the branding. Due to this, Logitech had to rename themselves in order to start a business in Japan.

What did they choose to name themselves?

Logicool !!!

It turns out that Logicool offerings that you may see on e-retail websites, is nothing but the genuine Logitech brand only. It’s just a case of a brand rename because of a slight technicality. The parent is the same for both the names.

So, the next time you see a Logicool product, you can purchase it knowing full well that you are indeed purchasing an original Logitech product.