The money issue and other facts about React Native developer

A developer should be constantly learning and improving his skills, to keep abreast of trends in the rapidly changing IT sphere. He needs time and conditions to do this.

Let’s break down the “value” of a developer depending on experience.

React Native developers are divided by and qualifications Junior, Middle, Senior. When dividing by these factors, soft and hard skills are taken into consideration. The salary difference can be from $800 to $9000, although there is no upper limit. Of course, a beginner will get less than his colleague from 3+ years of experience. This has to do not with the knowledge he has, but with how this or that developer knows how to solve problems, how much time he spends on development and on solving difficulties, what communication skills he has. For the Senior React Native developer level, it is important to be able to manage and set tasks for the team, foresee possible difficulties and think strategically.

Frontend specialists do not always evaluate their knowledge objectively and may underestimate their qualifications. In this case, it is advisable to use independent evaluation criteria, study the implemented projects and check the communication skills of the developer.

Also, the level of payment depends on the location of the specialist of the same level and qualification. The most highly paid developers live in the United States of America with a salary of $9100, England, Canada, Australia about $6500, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus $1600-2200, India about $1100. Experts argue that the rate is different because the cost of living in other countries is lower.

Dependence of salary per year on the experience and location of the developer

The money issue and other facts about React Native developer

Another essential factor for the developer is the knowledge of English. This allows the specialist to work with foreign companies all over the world. With 1-2 years of experience, a specialist with a good level of English, gets twice as much.