The money issue and other facts about React Native developer

This platform has become a lifeline. It allowed not only to create applications for 2 mobile operating systems used in most smartphones, and also gave the opportunity to update simultaneously.


Developed ecosystem means that for a long time of existence in the market, has formed a tool support system, open source libraries. Imagine that a new model of iPhone is coming out. And you can immediately buy for it all the necessary accessories: cases of any color, headphones, chargers, protective screen etc. Unlike less popular smartphone brands, for which you have to search, wait or order, there is no such variety of accessories.


All of these resources allow you to:

  • create high-quality, beautiful and functional apps
  • reduce development time        
  • get help from a large community to solve problems


The universal JavaScript language is used to develop applications on React Native. A large, growing developer community of over 48,000 has lined up around the platform to help solve challenges and problems.


All of the above allows you to conclude about the popularity of the framework, as well as to understand that the demand for competent React Native developers is very high today.