The Microsoft Lumia 640XL Review

The Microsoft Lumia 640XL Review


Battery is 3000 mAh strong and replaceable which is quite good for this kind of device and there is no doubts that it will last quite long on moderate use and with power saving features and auto brightness, it will easily last about 1 and a half day.

A more stressed out usage with Bluetooth and 3G and 100% brightness will still make the phone last about more than 8 hours easily.

Camera and Sound:

The cameras of the phone stand at 13MP back and 5 MP front which is quite good stats for this device. On usage of these cameras they are not really up-to the mark. In low light the picture quality was not what is expected from a 13MP camera. There was a lot of noise in the pictures and colors were all faded. Also the lighting took a major hit since the sensor couldn’t adjust properly to the requirement which resulted in the above two issues.

Also when trying to use manual controls not all controls give a visual adjusted feedback but they do get adjusted and it’s only known once the photo is taken. White balance and focus is the only thing giving visual feedback while aperture and shutter adjustments only take effect and get shown after the photo is taken.

As far as the sound is concerned it has two speakers (one each front and back). The sound quality is not too bad but the volume is quite less. Phones nowadays come fitted with very good audio hardware and software and this phone has stock audio.