The latest Quest update will improve the quality of your shaky VR videos
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The latest Quest update will improve the quality of your shaky VR videos

The v44 software update for Quest headsets is now out, and its significant new feature is great news for anybody who enjoys sharing films of themselves in virtual reality. There are new sophisticated camera options that allow you to manually change the amount of stabilization and capture 16:9 films (or 9:16 vertical videos, which are ideal for TikTok) in addition to square ones, which were previously only accessible via third-party software.

The settings are currently marked as experimental for obvious reasons, but they do provide a good amount of control; in addition to the aspect ratio and stabilization controls, you can choose your frame rate and compression quality, though Meta’s blog post warns that those options may have performance and file size consequences.

The Quest UI advises that switching from the default “low” stabilization to “high” stabilization would significantly crop your picture. This is particularly true if you choose the 16:9 landscape aspect ratio, which eliminates a large chunk of the bottom section of the screen when compared to the original square. The good thing is that you can combine these options. You can get great stability and a 1:1 aspect ratio with this camera.

Update v44 also adds a few new features to parental controls and app lock, the method for password-protecting certain applications. Parents and guardians will be able to prevent their adolescents from sideloading applications onto their Quests by disabling the option to access developer mode, and you will be able to mass apply passcodes to apps, either manually or using a filter. (You may, for example, add a passcode to all mature-rated games.)

According to Meta, the update will be available “over the following several weeks,” so you may have to wait a little longer.