The Hit Horror Game Phasmophobia is Coming to Consoles: Will You Survive?

Phasmophobia, the popular co-op ghost hunting game that gained popularity during the pandemic, is set to expand its reach with an upcoming release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR2, and Xbox Series X/S. Developed by Kinetic Games, the game will enter early access on these platforms in August, allowing players to delve into spooky ghost hunts from the comfort of their living rooms. Notably, the console version will feature cross-platform support, enabling players to team up and explore haunted locations together across different platforms.

The core premise of Phasmophobia remains intact in the console release. Players, in groups of up to four, take on the role of ghost hunters equipped with various tools such as thermometers, EMF readers, and Ouija boards to gather evidence of paranormal activity.

The goal is to collect compelling proof to sell to ghost removal teams. However, players must tread carefully as they navigate haunted environments, as the ghosts they encounter are anything but friendly. As the team’s sanity declines, these malevolent spirits may actively hunt and attempt to eliminate the players. It is not uncommon to witness the last surviving player making a frantic dash for the exit, adding to the game’s tension and suspense.



While the console launch comes nearly three years after the game’s initial release on PC, Phasmophobia still boasts a dedicated fan base, evident from its average daily player count of over 10,800 on Steam at the time of writing. The availability of the game on additional platforms not only has the potential to attract new players but also offers existing fans an opportunity to explore the game in different ways and seek assistance from friends who prefer gaming on consoles.

As Kinetic Games expands Phasmophobia’s presence to PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR2, and Xbox Series X/S, it presents an exciting prospect for both fans of the game and those looking to engage in thrilling ghost-hunting adventures. With its unique blend of cooperative gameplay and immersive horror elements, Phasmophobia continues to captivate players, fostering connections and shared experiences even in the virtual realm.