The Galaxy S24 set to be Samsung's first AI phone

The Galaxy S24 set to be Samsung’s first AI phone

We have been seeing a lot of leaks and rumours surrounding the Galaxy S24 series, and now, reports coming out of Samsung indicate that the upcoming flagship phone may be their first ever ‘AI-Phone’. This news was broken by Galaxy Club, who noted that Samsung had applied for the trademark of the phrases ‘AI Phone’ and ‘AI Smartphone’. The Galaxy S24 series are expected to break cover in January, 2024, and we expect these trademarks to be for them. It remains to be seen whether Samsung is granted the trademark for these phrases, which seem to be general use phrases, but if it is indeed true, and AI sets the tone for the Galaxy S24 lineup, we expect to see other brands follow suits and develop AI-powered smartphones.

Now, AI has been a part of Samsung phones for a while now, but when we talk about AI-powered smartphones, we are looking at AI being a close part of the firmware, and not just a gimmicky feature on the smartphone camera. We can expect to see an integration of an AI-Assistant, contextual options for the various apps on your smartphone, and much more.