The Fire HD 10 tablet is once again $75 thanks to Amazon's most recent tablet deal

The Fire HD 10 tablet is once again $75 thanks to Amazon’s most recent tablet deal

If you simply want a capable video consumption device for the lowest possible price, Amazon’s Fire HD tablets are still worthwhile choices. Within this lineup, the Fire HD 10 offers the best value for the majority of users. This is particularly true when the product is on sale, and as of the time of this writing, the 10.1-inch slate is once again available for $75 at a number of stores, including Amazon and Best Buy.

Although the tablet was temporarily offered for $55 at Target earlier this year, this price is comparable to what we saw during Amazon’s most recent Prime Day promotions and Black Friday sales from a year ago. Although the MSRP for this 32GB device is actually $150, a few modest price cuts have recently brought the street price closer to $130.