The Final Fantasy 16 Length Has Been Revealed

The Final Fantasy 16 Length Has Been Revealed

When Final Fantasy XVI is released on PlayStation 5 next year, fans should expect a substantial quantity of material. Director Hiroshi Takai said in a recent interview with the Italian website Everyeye that the game’s plot would take roughly 35-40 hours to complete, but the bonus material will take most players more than 70 hours to complete. That’s a rather usual amount of material for an RPG, especially for the Final Fantasy series!

@aitaikimochi on Twitter supplied a translation for Takai’s statements, which can be read in the Tweet attached below.



While the duration of a game isn’t significant to everyone, many gamers consider video games to be an investment. With the majority of PlayStation 5 titles now selling for $70, many customers will be more cautious about how they spend that type of money. There are many wonderful games with fewer than 10 hours of playtime, but that duration isn’t for everyone. When producers are clear about a game’s duration early on, it makes it simpler for players to decide whether to buy it on day one or wait for a price decrease; of course, RPG fans have always favoured longer campaigns!

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Final Fantasy XVI is slated to be released in mid-2023, so fans won’t have to wait long to find out whether Takai’s prediction is correct. Because every person uses their time differently while gaming, it might be impossible to predict how soon the typical player will finish. Hopefully, the next instalment in the Final Fantasy series will have high-quality material that will keep gamers interested no matter how long it takes them to complete the game!

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