The Elden Ring hack traps gamers on the PC in an unending death loop

The Elden Ring hack traps gamers on the PC in an unending death loop

Elden Ring exploits are crashing PC games and trapping gamers in endless death loops. As seen in a video posted on Twitter by EldenRingUpdate, the apparent hack happens when an invader performs a certain skill, producing some sort of malfunction that crashes the host’s game. When the player attempts to begin the game, they are met with their character plummeting to his or her death repeatedly.

A Reddit user provides a fix, however it does not appear to work 100% of the time. You may try exiting the game with Alt + F4 right before your character dies, which should buy you some more time on your next login. When the game is reopened, immediately open the map and warp to a location of grace. If you do not reach a location of grace quickly enough, the death loop will restart. One Reddit user reported losing 100 hours of playtime after using the workaround with no success.

FromSoftware and Bandai Namco have not yet responded to our request for comment, but we will update this item when new information becomes available. For the time being, the best course of action is to backup your save data and play offline, as this is the only way to avoid invasions.

Earlier last year, a flaw in Dark Souls — another product developed by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco — exposed PC users to deadly remote code execution assaults. At the time, gamers expressed concern that the issue may extend to the yet-to-be-released Elden Ring. Since February, Dark Souls’ PC servers have been shut down to allow devs to address the issue.

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