The DualSense Edge PS5 controller from Sony is now available for preorder

The DualSense Edge PS5 controller from Sony is now available for preorder

Sony’s DualSense Edge Wireless Controller for the PS5 is now available for preorder from the PlayStation Direct website, with an expected delivery date of January 26th. The controller has capabilities not seen on the basic DualSense, such as replacement joysticks and two back buttons. However, it costs $199.99, about three times the price of a regular DualSense controller.

You won’t be able to merely change the hardware. Sony will allow you to remap buttons, alter stick sensitivity and dead zones, store several control profiles for switching between, and adjust game volume directly from the controller. I’m excited to experiment with it all; I could see myself creating a special controller profile for my Fortnite sessions and switching gears when I play a more single-player-focused game like God of War Ragnarok. (Unfortunately, the controller will not be available in time for the game’s November 9th release.)

Sony is including a fair amount of extras to help you customize your DualSense Edge, such as –

  • The controller itself
  • Two stick caps for each of the standard, high dome, and low dome types
  • Two back buttons for each of the lever type and half-done type
  • A braided USB cable that can be locked to the controller
  • A carrying case that can double as a controller charger when it’s plugged in

Replacement stick modules for the Edge are also available for presale, albeit they’re not cheap: a single one costs $19.99. If the DualSense line is your preferred method to play games, the Edge’s upfront cost may be worth it so you can replace joysticks that develop drift or other difficulties rather than having to spend money on new controllers over and again.

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