The Director of Sonic Frontiers claims that the game will evolve the franchise

The Director of Sonic Frontiers claims that the game will evolve the franchise

The forthcoming Sonic Frontiers’ director has remarked that the game’s new approach is considered an evolution of the brand. There are just a few days before the game’s release, and Sega and Sonic Team have been working hard to promote it. This features a brand-new Sonic Frontiers clip that focuses on the greatest change – open-zone gameplay – as well as other areas like fighting and monsters. With the game modifying the formula for the blue speedster, the game’s director discusses how this may affect future Sonic games.

When Sonic Frontiers’ open-zone gameplay was originally announced, it was regarded with cautious hope at best and dismal scepticism at worst. There were several analogies between Breath of the Wild and Sonic Frontiers, which Sonic Team chief Takashi Iizuka attempted to dismiss. However, as time passed, the fanbase’s reaction to Sonic Frontiers became more favourable, with many now eagerly expecting its release. Morio Kishimoto, the game’s director, also commented on the game’s upcoming release.

The game creator announced the imminent release of Sonic Frontiers on his Twitter account, and according to a poor translation, stated his concerns about the game. He said that he and his team have spent five years attempting to update the franchise’s concept and that it won’t be long until players can see what they’ve been working on. In a subsequent tweet, he praised the numerous supporters who had sent him encouraging words about their enthusiasm for the game, noting that it had helped him to relax as well.



The tweet goes on to say that the purpose of Sonic Frontiers was to take a risk and evolve the franchise, which he decided on five years ago when he began work on the game. He adds mentions five years of “relentless aggressiveness,” implying that everyone on the development team worked tirelessly to make the game the best it could be, concluding his tweet with a confident “it’s time to win.”

Many blogs, content providers, and other individuals who were able to play Sonic Frontiers had good first impressions of the game. While many of these players are divided on issues such as the Cyber Space levels, the majority of the positive feedback has come from the open-zone setting and the range of activities available. With these early good reactions, it seems that Kishimoto and Sonic Team’s risk will pay off and serve as a pattern for future releases.

Sonic Frontiers will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on November 8th.