The Alone in the Dark remake has just received a haunting new teaser trailer

The Alone in the Dark remake has just received a haunting new teaser trailer

THQ Nordic has published a very short teaser trailer for the forthcoming Alone in the Dark remake to mark Halloween, and despite being little more than twenty seconds long, it’s as terrifying as lifelong fans of the franchise would wish. While the new Alone in the Dark video provides no strong indications as to what the end product will be like, the absence of concrete information may make the title seem even more appealing.

Many believe the original Alone in the Dark, released in 1992, to be the first real survival horror experience, having been accorded the moniker when the Resident Evil series popularised it in 1996. Alone in the Dark was clearly a one-of-a-kind specimen at the time, brooding, secretive, and drawing inspiration from horror legends such as H.R. Giger and H.P. Lovecraft. While it’s likely to be overshadowed in the modern era by recently resurrected genre titans like Resident Evil and Dead Space, the adherence to tense survival horror combat and interesting 1920s flair seen in the first trailers indicate that this new Alone in the Dark title could well live up to the high bar set by its cohorts.



The new Alone in the Dark teaser doesn’t give much information about the future film, other from a collection of eerie dolls in a child’s bedroom and a noose hanging in an attic, but it does further reinforce the assumption that horror will continue to be a prominent component in the series. The new game’s official release date has yet to be announced, but publisher THQ Nordic and developer Pieces Interactive have revealed that it will be a reinterpretation of the original, possibly in the same style as the famous Capcom-led remake of Resident Evil 2. It will also include the return of original Alone in the Dark characters Edward Carnby and Emily Heartwood in a conflict that may parallel the roles of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield in the classic survival horror smash.

Of course, Alone in the Dark is far from the first survival horror IP to make a comeback in recent months. Konami announced the long-awaited return of the Silent Hill property in October by unveiling a host of new titles from various creators. While each of the new projects has piqued the curiosity of fans, the remake of Silent Hill 2 directed by indie horror group Bloober Team has received the most attention.

It may be some time before additional information about Alone in the Dark resurfaces, but survival horror aficionados have enough to keep them busy in the meanwhile. After years of conjecture, it should come as a comfort to many that leaks about Alone in the Dark and other long-dormant brands have finally materialised.

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