We live in an age where technology rules. Gadgets drive our lives and jobs in the right direction, and with the advent of newer technologies and design techniques, the gadgets are also evolving. One aspect of gadgets that is still to change permanently is wired.

Wires and Cables help in providing important connections between gadgets and other peripherals. BEst examples of the applications of cables are –

  1. Connection to Power outlet
  2. Connection to peripherals
  3. Connection to other devices

Wireless technology is slowly becoming a norm, but until then we have to live with these cables and as a result, ensure that we manage the cables and prevent them from getting tangled with each other.

In this article, we will show you the 5 BEST cable management solutions.

Solution 1. Cable Sleeve and Tubing

If you have a TV set with a lot of surrounding peripherals, but you want to conceal the wiring to blend in with the wall, you should be got for Cable Sleeves. These sleeves are very affordable and do a great job of easily blending the wall behind it.

If you have wallpaper, you can easily apply it onto the cable sleeve and you won’t even see it on a regular day.



Another solution is bendable tubing. Priced at just around $16.99, they come in the 19-inch size and also feature zips. You can simply cover up the cables and zip them up.

Solution 2. Headphone Stand

Headphones are almost stapled to all work and gaming setups today. All kinds of Headphone adorn setups around the world. While Wireless headsets look clean on the table, their wired siblings tend to look very cluttered on any setup. This is where headphone stands come into action. Not only do you get a stable platform to hang your headset, but you can also wind your cable around the stand to keep things clean.



If you use a wired Headset in your setup, you should surely go in for a headphone stand.


Solution 3. Under Desk Cable Organizer Tray

When you use a high-end gaming setup, chances are that you have many wires going on around the table. Under desk cable organizer tray allows you to bundle all the cables neatly under the desk.



This ensures that the cables are organized and the table is clear for use.

Solution 4. Earphone holders

Have you ever experienced the situation where you place your earphones in your pocket, and when you have taken them out to use them, they are all tangled up?



This situation is not only frustrating but can also damage the earphones in the long run. Earphone holders prevent the wires from getting tangled and keep the earphone safe. Also, removing them for use is super simple and hassle-free.

Earphone holders come in various shapes and sizes and are available online and offline.

Solution 5. Cable Ties

These are the simplest solution for keeping cables organized and cost absolutely next to nothing. Cable ties are simple tags that you can bind around your wires and once you lock them in, the only way they come undone is if you cut them with scissors.



You get 100 pieces for just $6.99 which makes cable ties, the cheapest cable management solutions.

So, these are the 5 BEST cable management solutions that you can get very easily in the market.