Tesla Teases Exciting Navigation Features in Upcoming Software Update

Big news on the Tesla front! Looks like they’re gearing up to drop a bunch of cool new navigation features in a software update hitting the scene on December 27. Our trusty Tesla hacker friend, Green, who’s always on the hunt for hidden Tesla gems on X (formerly Twitter), dove deep into the code running FSD Beta, which seems to be the brains behind this upcoming holiday season update. And let me tell you, Green found some real nuggets.

What’s cooking in the code? Well, it seems Tesla is getting all Waze-like with its navigational upgrades. One highlight is the potential ability to spot both fixed and mobile speed cameras and red light cameras – a neat addition to make our driving lives a bit easier. Oh, and Green’s previous findings hint at some cool stuff, like advanced object detection and live reporting, possibly making their debut in this update or showing up in future navigation software updates.

But that’s not all – this update is all about making our lives behind the wheel smoother. Tesla looks set to join the club of navigational providers offering alternative route options based on live info. Think “avoid construction on route” and the power to say yay or nay to U-turn maneuvers in your route preferences.

Wait, there’s more! Tesla’s also giving some TLC to its Driver Monitoring game. Picture this: a cabin camera keeping a close eye on your attention levels when you’re cruising on Auto-Pilot or Full Self-Driving Mode Beta. No more snoozing at the wheel! Word has it some Tesla owners were trying to outsmart the system with static images, but this update aims to be sharper at recognizing human behavior.