Tesla Model Y

Tesla has reduced the range of the Model Y by 20 miles

Tesla has quietly lowered the estimated range for two of its Model Y vehicles – the Long Range and Performance variants. The Long Range now rates at 310 miles per charge instead of 330, while the Performance dropped from 303 to 285 miles. Recently launched, the cheaper rear-wheel drive Model Y remains unchanged at 260 miles.

The company provided no explanation for cutting these range estimates by around 6%. But exaggerated range claims have long dogged Tesla. In fact, South Korea fined Tesla for inaccurate statistics, and reports allege Tesla employs a “diversion team” to handle range-related complaints.

Essentially, Tesla seems to be tempering those lofty estimates to better reflect real-world conditions. The old numbers assumed ideal weather with maximum efficiency driving – rarely reality for owners. Even the EPA admits its meticulous tests don’t mirror most people’s everyday variables like terrain or cargo weight. Still, automakers have flexibility in setting range estimates after EPA testing. Many conservatively underrate to align with true driver experiences. Clearly, Tesla went the other way previously.