Telegram's redesigned media editor now includes a blur tool and extra text possibilities

Telegram’s redesigned media editor now includes a blur tool and extra text possibilities

The most recent Telegram version features a revamped media editor loaded with a slew of new tools for decorating — or concealing — sections of your images or movies. Telegram announced a new blur feature on its blog, enabling you to block off certain sections of a picture or video, allowing you to conceal sensitive information or blur the faces of passersby who appear in the backdrop.

Telegram suggests using the eyedropper tool to match the colour of the blur brush to your picture to blend the blurred section of your photo in. Additionally, Telegram is introducing the ability to adjust the size, font, and backdrop of text when adding it to photographs or videos (similar to Instagram or Snapchat).

It claims that its new sketching tools “dynamically alter width” based on how quickly you draw and automatically smooth out lines. By pressing the “+” symbol in the editor, you can rapidly add shapes like rectangles, circles, arrows, stars, and chat bubbles. If you don’t want your receiver to see what you’re sending right away, you can now use a spoiler effect, which adds a “shimmering layer” to a picture or video, hiding its contents until the recipient touches it.

Aside from picture editing features, Telegram’s newest upgrade adds additional storage settings that allow you to automatically erase cached material in private conversations, groups, and channels after a certain period of time while excluding specific chats. While Telegram previously allowed you to erase your cache across all chats, this should make it simpler to free up space without interfering with crucial talks. It’s also releasing a new pie chart that illustrates how much storage various sorts of items, such as movies, documents, music, and images, take up.

Other new features include the ability to choose profile photographs for contacts that only you will see — ideal if you have an unsightly photo that you don’t want to be reminded of every time someone writes you. You may also recommend profile images for particular contacts, which they can change if they like what you’ve picked. And, if you previously restrict the appearance of your profile photo to just your contacts, Telegram now allows you to choose a public profile picture that everyone can view. On the other side, you may now change the visibility of your profile image to “nobody” if you don’t want anybody on the app, including your contacts, to view it.

New animated and interactive emoji, a new Android progress animation, and the capability for group administrators to conceal their member lists are some other minor enhancements. This update package adds to the list of numerous other capabilities Telegram has implemented in recent months, including the ability for Telegram users to join up without a phone number and video transcription for Premium users.

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