Technology Trends Shaping the Sports Industry in 2022

Technology Trends Shaping the Sports Industry in 2022

To help you prepare for 2022, we’ve compiled a list of five sports technology trends you should be aware of.

Intelligence Created Through the Use of AI

All major sports disciplines are already using AI-based systems since AI is simply technology that replicates humans’ capacity to detect, understand, and act. Computer vision-powered cameras and wearable sensors all employ AI to analyze data and generate prediction models. At the same time, voice and text recognition in natural language processing devices may be used to acquire information about the mood of the audience. However, in 2022, artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to transform sports significantly. In order to redesign the next-generation Formula 1 racing vehicle in time for the 2022 season, Formula 1 and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have formed cooperation. F1 moved its simulation environment to AWS’s high-performance computing platform in order to improve wheel-to-wheel racing amongst cars. Because of this, the limitations of time and computer capability were removed, and the new and dynamic possibilities that artificial intelligence (AI) brings to the sports sector were shown.

The Media Environment

More and more material is being created by “intelligent” and AI-powered systems in order to produce more often with less amount of resources. An excellent illustration of this is the usage of AI-driven systems in baseball, where natural language is utilized to transform hard facts into tales. Rather than turning to conventional media, the younger, digital-native generations are turning to social media and digital outlets for their sports news and information. In order to attract and convert new audiences in New York, 56 percent of fans desire more interactive content. As a result, anybody considering a career in sports journalism in 2022 will have to demonstrate that they have a solid grasp of the current media ecosystem as well as strong digital abilities.

Sporting Events and Fan Interaction

Even in 2022, eSports will be a growing industry that demonstrates how conventional sports are adapting to the digital revolution and appealing to new audiences. In 2022, the eSports business is predicted to grow to $2.5 billion in sales, making it one of the few sports entertainment endeavors to farewell financially in the middle of a worldwide epidemic. With Manchester City’s recent foray into Fortnite eSports and the offer of contracts to its online players, offline sports and teams that haven’t previously expanded into Esports are now doing so. eSports sponsors are increasingly partnering with sports teams as a means of promoting their products and generating income in 2022. There will be a chance for eSports to become more prominent during Asian Games 2022 to be hosted in China since Esports medals will be awarded for the second time.