Synology DS1618+ Review

Synology DS1618+ Review

While everything checks out on paper, how does it fare in the real world?

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Let’s find out –

Synology has always provided a great blend of functionality oriented hardware and a choc-a-bloc software package that lets you switch from basic to advanced in the blink of an eye. But when it comes to the more pricey offerings like the DS1618+, you really must use it to the maximum to really see its worth. The feature in the spotlight is obviously the six bay configuration.

Each bay allows you to mount a drive of up to 12TB, giving you an amazing 72TB of storage on one device, and while this may be too much for today’s time, it’s a device that has been designed to last the test of time. But coming to the applications of this much storage, you can basically do anything from uploading a week’s worth of surveillance data to the backup of all the devices in your home, and even then, the DS1618+ will have plenty in the tank for you to exploit.