Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Unearthed Secret of Scrapped 'Tsundere Commentary' Feature

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Unearthed Secret of Scrapped ‘Tsundere Commentary’ Feature

Live Commentary Almost Made It to Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Reveals Development Team

An intriguing revelation has emerged from the world of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, shedding light on a scrapped feature that nearly made its way into the beloved 2D platformer. The development team considered implementing a “live commentary” feature that would dynamically respond to players’ actions throughout the game, even offering a playful twist with the option to switch to “tsundere commentary.” However, this innovative concept ultimately didn’t make the final cut.

In the third installment of Nintendo’s official Ask the Developer interview for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, published on October 18, game director Shiro Mouri disclosed that the idea for live commentary was initially proposed by producer Takashi Tezuka.

Game designer Koichi Hayashida elaborated on the development process, revealing, “We dedicated approximately six months to the serious development of live commentary. We experimented with incorporating voices that would correspond to the player’s in-game actions. Despite our efforts in adding various voices, questions arose within the team, such as ‘Who should provide this commentary?’ Something about the concept didn’t feel quite right.”