Strange Overwatch 2 Bug Labels Widowmaker as a Support Character

Strange Overwatch 2 Bug Labels Widowmaker as a Support Character

An Overwatch 2 player reports an in-game glitch that showed damage-dealing Widowmaker as a support hero instead.

Another gamer reports a flaw they encountered while playing with the sniper Widowmaker in a battle, adding to the seemingly endless amount of bugs the community has been seeing in Blizzard’s Overwatch 2. Instead of being labelled as a damage hero in Overwatch 2, the player’s game labelled Widowmaker as a support hero.

Overwatch 2 was released a little more than a month ago by Blizzard. Since its debut, the firm has said that the game had more than 35 million players in its first month. Given that the game is just around a month old, however, a number of glitches and problems have already been spotted and reported by the game’s user community. These bugs may range from game-breaking exploits that grant heroes crazy levels of damage to minor cosmetic faults such as labelling heroes in categories other than their original ones.

Clearvape posted a snapshot of an Overwatch 2 issue they discovered while playing the game on Reddit. The picture depicted the game’s loading screen. However, instead of the damage hero symbol, the support hero icon was shown next to Widowmaker’s profile picture. Despite the visible flaw, the Redditor mocked the problem. They claimed in their Reddit post that their squad was most likely dissatisfied with their Overwatch 2 hero mix, particularly the support hero combo.

Replies on the Reddit thread shared in Clearvape’s humour, with others also poking light of the Redditor’s circumstances. One person appeared to playfully point out that the bug made sense, claiming that Widowmaker’s Ult in Overwatch 2 was definitely a support manoeuvre. One Reddit member also revealed their own experience with visual glitches, namely in-game hero images. Some also mocked Blizzard’s standard processes and notification wording when the corporation had to rectify issues in the game that include playable heroes.

Despite the many issues and malfunctions reported by gamers, it seems that the Overwatch 2 player base is still interested in purchasing the title. With the introduction of the new tank hero Ramattra and the upcoming Season 2 of the Battle Pass, the community has a lot of material and activities to look forward to. Hopefully, Blizzard’s development team will be able to resolve as many flaws as possible before the future big content upgrades./