Stormgate Unveils New Art and Details for Playable Factions

Stormgate Unveils New Art and Details for Playable Factions

Players can now get a fresh peek at how the playable factions of Stormgate, Frost Giant Studios’ next RTS game, are being developed. Fans of Stormgate have been given a closer look at several potential units in recent development videos and press releases.

Real-time strategy game developer Frost Giant, which mostly consists of former Blizzard developers with extensive experience in the RTS genre, is now working on a new title called Stormgate. The new RTS from Frost Giant was shown during the Summer Game Fest, and the company has been working hard to have it ready for beta testing in 2023.

Frost Giant just released a newsletter and development video informing players on its activities in the six months following Stormgate’s debut. The visual design of the Infernal Host and the Human Resistance, the two officially stated playable factions of Stormgate, is one of the key projects it has been working on. The development video, it described in depth how the team went about building a cohesive look for each of its factions and displayed various examples of the concept art they had produced.

The alliance of technologically sophisticated people known as the Human Resistance has joined together to combat the Infernal Host, who has arrived to take over Earth. These units have a mobile, scientific design, and many of their structures seem temporary and prefabricated. Stormgate is also experimenting with 3D-printed structures that construct themselves rather than being constructed by employees. The Human Resistance is reminiscent of the Terrans from Starcraft with their battle suits, flying marines, and enormous mechs.

On the other side, the Infernal Host is made up of demonic creatures that are out to wipe out everything. The Infernal Host, according to art director Jesse Brophy, is a warlike civilization of aliens that warps via storm gates to consume life energy, or Anima, and absorb adversaries into their ranks. Players may be reminded of a cross between the Zerg from Starcraft and the armies of Hell from Diablo as they battle the Infernal Host, which includes scythe-wielding humanoids, enormous metal-plated demon creatures, and adorable tiny gremlin labourers.

The concept art exhibited in these recent developer updates is all work in progress; Brophy said that the ideas were an investigation of design and that there was no certainty that these units would make it into the game. However, seeing the ideas Stormgate is creating has heightened interest among many fans in the next RTS. Players may soon get to witness some of these prospective troops in action since Stormgate has promised to release some gameplay videos in the next year before the beta.