Starfield's 'Entangled' Mission: A Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Thrill Ride That Defies Expectations

Starfield’s ‘Entangled’ Mission: A Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Thrill Ride That Defies Expectations

Exploring Multiverse Theory and Ethical Dilemmas in Bethesda's Latest RPG

The first reality you encounter appears relatively safe, with a mostly operational science lab where a technician named Rafael sacrificed himself to save his colleagues. In the other reality, Rafael is the sole survivor of a catastrophe he couldn’t prevent, surrounded by alien hordes. Doctor Patel makes it clear that only one of these realities can be preserved. This pivotal moment resembles the ethical quandaries found in the best RPGs, forcing you to weigh the lives and choices of these two parallel worlds.

Is it justifiable to preserve the life of the second Rafael at the cost of the first’s sacrifice? Are the multiple lives at risk in the “safe” lab worth more than Rafael’s life? This messy ethical dilemma prompts deep introspection and second thoughts.

In this regard, Starfield takes the concept of world-hopping from Titanfall 2’s “Effect and Cause” and ingeniously reimagines it within the framework of a choice-driven RPG. While many of Starfield’s major decisions may seem underwhelming in their impact on the galaxy at large, “Entangled” lingers by compelling players to make a small-scale choice that’s as emotionally resonant as it is difficult.

Despite some criticism of Starfield’s writing, notably described as “soulless” and “patchy,” “Entangled” exemplifies that Bethesda’s RPG has hidden depths for those seeking mind-bending sci-fi conundrums. It’s a matter of uncovering these gems within the vast universe of possibilities that Starfield offers.