Snapchat announced the launch of Bitmoji TV, a brand-new, fully animated show starring Snapchatters and their friends. The show is a new form of personalized entertainment that puts users and their friends in a TV show from a specific genre and offers a unique experience for each viewer.

Bitmoji TV is a funny, relatable, and wacky experience that satirizes television through Bitmoji’s comic-driven sense of humor. The show will feature comedy stars Andy Richter, Jon Lovitz, and Riki Landhome whose voices can be heard in episodes throughout the first season.

The first season of Bitmoji TV is set to premiere on Saturday, February 1st and will comprise 10 episodes averaging three minutes in length. New episodes will air weekly on Saturday mornings on Discover to Snapchatters globally.

Snapchatters can watch Bitmoji TV only on Snapchat’s robust and highly engaging Discover page, where they can also subscribe to the show and receive notifications for new episodes.

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