stable diffusion

Stable Diffusion receives much awaited feature that will elevate generative AI

If you are someone who has dabbled or are actively dabbling in AI Art, you must have surely heard of Stable Diffusion. One of the things that people love about Stable Diffusion is the fact that there is no censorship and people can literally create anything that fancies their imagination. Also, Stable Diffusion can be used online as well as offline, so if you have a powerful enough computer, you can run Stable Diffusion right on your computer.

Stable Diffusion has been grown over the last few months with a host of new features being introduced at regular intervals, but now, it has received a feature that will change generative AI forever. Say hello to video generation on Stable Diffusion.

Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion has introduced a new utility that will generate short form video content via a text prompt given by the user. The utility has been conveniently named Stable Video Diffusion, and features two models at boot – SVD and SVD-XT. Now, both models will create 4 second videos, but the number of frames that will be processed are slightly different.