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Square Enix Signs 7 Billion Yen Contract With NFT Mobile Developers

There are still some game firms out there that are adamant about continuing the practice, despite the broad collapse of the NFT sector and the gradual drop over 2022. Square Enix is perhaps the most well-known publisher still openly working with NFTs, with a recent example being an NFT of a Cloud Strife action figure from Final Fantasy 7. It is now putting its money where its mouth is with a $7 billion investment in Gumi, a mobile company that has previously worked on and distributed NFT games.

Angie, a ResetEra member, was the first to disclose the news of the investment, which was conveyed to them by another user named ChaosSlayer. Gumi announced the $7 billion investment in a news statement, with the goal of “developing high-quality mobile internet and blockchain games.” The developer also stated that it intends to leverage “leading material that is known by everybody” for future blockchain products, with the goal of creating “Wow and Earn” titles leveraging renowned franchises.