Spotify's trial programme for Featured Curators showcases user-created playlists
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Spotify’s trial programme for Featured Curators showcases user-created playlists

Popular user-created playlists will now appear on the homepage of the Spotify app, according to a new feature being tested by the company. While participating in the test, the recommended playlists will be displayed on their own Featured Curator carousel, which you can access by clicking here. Spotify says it is piloting the service in “certain markets,” but it does not identify which markets or which devices would be affected by the feature’s rollout.

According to Spotify, the Featured Curators section does not include playlists from just any user; rather, the platform selected curators based on their followings and playlist popularity, as well as whether they tell “unique stories through playlists” or build “authentic connections” with their listeners, according to the platform.

Spotify just introduced a new tool called Blends, which lets you and up to ten other friends to collaborate on the creation of a joint playlist that is tailored to the entire group’s tastes. Spotify will automatically create a playlist based on the music preferences of each new user after they have all joined.

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