Sony's Latest PS5 Beta Update Enhances DualSense Controller Audio

Sony’s Latest PS5 Beta Update Enhances DualSense Controller Audio

Sony is making it easier for PlayStation 5 gamers to fully immerse themselves in their virtual worlds. A new beta software update will allow PS5 controllers to pump out louder game audio, ensuring users never miss an epic in-game battle or a teammate’s urgent voice chat.

Beyond cranking up the volume, the update also enhances the controllers’ noise-cancelling capabilities. Sony says an improved AI system better eliminates background interference, resulting in clearer voice chat and multiplayer communication.

The update also adds new levels of viewer interactivity for PS5 streaming sessions. As a spectator, you can now highlight on-screen elements and objects for the streamer using a pointer tool. Drawing lines on the streamer’s display also grabs their attention. Additionally, viewers can send real-time emoji reactions as they watch the stream unfold. The streamer decides if these interactive tools are enabled, but they only work when both parties have installed the latest beta software.

This beta update brings other quality-of-life improvements, like the ability to toggle the console’s front power indicator light on and off. Sony plans to refine the features based on user feedback before rolling out the enhancements more broadly over the coming months.

By amplifying controller audio, optimizing noise cancellation, and expanding viewer participation, the update enriches the overall PS5 gaming experience. Immerse yourself in epic adventures without missing key audio cues. Communicate crisply with teammates amidst the virtual chaos. And directly interact with your favorite streamers’ worlds. For PS5 owners, it’s an upgrade that promises more thrilling and social gaming ahead.