Spider-Man 2

Sony Unveils Exclusive Limited Edition Spider-Man 2 PS5 Bundle – Grab Yours Now!

Gaming enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the bundle comes with a digital voucher code for the highly-anticipated title, redeemable upon its release on October 20. Moreover, the custom DualSense controller will hit the market ahead of the game’s release, becoming available on September 1.

One remarkable aspect of the PS5’s design is the user-friendly removal of faceplates, allowing for easy customization. Owners of existing PS5 consoles need not fret, as Sony has confirmed that both the console covers and the custom controller will be sold separately. This ensures that players can inject a touch of Spider-Man style into their setups without missing out on the limited edition bundle.

Sony’s decision to embrace a unique limited edition console approach for the PS5 marks a significant step forward. While such endeavors have been teased over the past three years, they have been relatively scarce until now. Previous releases, like custom faceplates for the Final Fantasy 16 JRPG title, were limited to specific regions, leading to anticipation and demand for broader availability of such special editions.