Spider-Man 2

Sony Unveils Exclusive Limited Edition Spider-Man 2 PS5 Bundle – Grab Yours Now!

Sony has recently revealed an exciting new Limited Edition Spider-Man 2 PS5 console bundle, igniting anticipation among gaming enthusiasts. Alongside this announcement, the company also treated fans with a captivating new story trailer for the highly-awaited blockbuster sequel. Pre-orders for the bundle will commence on July 28, adding to the buzz surrounding the forthcoming release.

The Spider-Man 2 PS5 bundle boasts a distinctive and captivating design, featuring a primarily black color scheme. Insomniac Games’ iconic Spider-Man badge adorns each faceplate in the lower corner, with a subtle touch of the character’s renowned red hue. This design decision aims to symbolize the internal struggle that Peter Parker will face in combatting the influence of the symbiote, a theme that resonates with fans of the franchise.

Included in the bundle is a custom DualSense controller, creatively crafted to complement the console’s design. The left side of the controller is predominantly black, while vibrant red accents pierce through on the right-hand side, evoking the essence of Spider-Man’s battle between good and evil. The D-pad maintains its black color, while the face buttons feature an eye-catching white hue, creating an appealing contrast. Notably, the touchpad proudly displays the iconic Spider-Man insignia.