Sony Android Tablet S - Video and detail Review

Sony Android Tablet S – Video and detail Review

A slick Sony Tablet that made my jaw drop. The device was shiny, utterly gorgeous and totally Sony- which in my language means, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I begged for him to let me keep it for a few days so I could review it and hand it back. Unfortunately I have been swamped for a few weeks now, and only when he called me requesting that I send back his device, did I remember to finally do a short video and get my act together and review it.

First of all let me talk about it’s shape. It looks very different in comparison to all the other tablets out there, and resembles a magazine that’s been folded over. You may think that’s strange till you start to use it. It’s a joy to type on and view content on as it sits the device at a slight angle that avoids a lot of glare. It’s also much easier to hold with one hand, which makes it perfect for watching movies or reading books.




The device itself has a 9.4 inch 1280×800 screen that’s great and not as reflective as the shiny device might suggest. It has a 5 megapixel camera that’s actually quite good, as well as a front facing camera for video chats or self portraits.

While the outside of the tablet is gorgeous, it’s insides are also quite impressive with a dual-core Tegra 2 processor that works very well on the screen (check my video review to see the smoothness of the interface for yourself).

I’m also so happy that Sony decided to not get caught up in trying to re-create an Operating System for themselves, but used the existing Android OS to run on the device. While I couldn’t fidget around on the device too much and download too many apps (it wasn’t my tablet after all) I did check out the Android Market and was quite surprised to see a lot of my favorite apps for my iPad had been ported over into the Android store too. I couldn’t resist and downloaded Pulse, one of my favorite and most used apps and was quite amazed that it worked as smoothly as it would on my iPad. Cheekily.

Of course, a Sony device wouldn’t be a Sony device without a bit of PlayStation action thrown in, and the device has access to a whole bunch of exclusive titles, with Crash Bandicoot pre-installed (again, a demo of which is in my video review below). There are also a whole bunch of Sony proprietary apps, including a Universal Remote that can be used to access all Sony devices.

Here’s a quick video review I did on the device before I had to hand it back over-


Overall I think it’s an absolutely amazing device and for me would be a no-brainer, especially after seeing it and holding it in person.

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