Confession of an anonymous AdSense premium blogger. [Part-1]As the title suggest these are real revelations of an AdSense Premium publisher who owns 4 blogs.where 90% revenue comes from a entertainment website .The publisher prefers to be anonymous .

Q) which word press theme you suggest for word press users based on your experience.?

A) I use thesis theme on most of my sites which is custom made.

Q) If i am correct, in order to be a premium publisher, you need to have at least 20,000,000 views per month. Is that correct?

A) Yes you are right in order to get the premium account you have send 20millions or more per month for 6 to 8 month after that they will contact you.

Q) How much money you make monthly with Google Adsense? How much time it took for you to get there?

A) First question is personal lol …and it took me more than 1.5yr.

Q) How much time do you spend on your sites daily?

A) 6 to 8hrs a day but now 1hr is enough

Q) How do you get your content? Do you write it or outsource it and what are your recommendations?

A) My entire biz is now outsourced cause since I started making good dollars, I got lazy now lol. Find good people who are really interested to work. Well now does not worry about premium just get traffic and build sites.

Q) What hurts AdSense? Best ads positions? Best type of ads? What about ban, low CTR? Is it a stable income?

A) a)try to cheat and there is a ban

b) 300×250 below the title.

c) text ads

d) why would they ban you if you don’t do any bad thing and low CTR can go high CTR when you got a lot traffic.

e) Yes it is.

Q) What is the average CTR and CPC you are receiving?

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A) CTR around 2 to 3% once again depends on the time, for ex it go high before any holiday. And cpc is 30c to 50c.

Q) How do you usually do keyword research and what tools do u use?

A) Google keyword tools .

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More details will be posted in Part-2