Continuing from the previous posts confession-of-an-anonymous-adsense-premium-blogger-part-1 here is more questionnaire put forward to the AdSense Premium Publisher.

Q) How much do you pay your writers?

A) $2.50 to $6 depends on the articles.

Q) How many pages do your site has? And how many of them are indexed in Google?

A) The big one has around 8k pages, and all of them indexed and ranking for some long tail keywords.

Q) Just curious how much money one can make with 20million page views per month just from AdSense.

A) Let me give you guys a hint 70 to 80…

Q) What is the biggest  most expensive thing you bought with your AdSense income?

A) The biggest thing I am going to buy is house which in process.

Q) Just had another question … I take it your sites are bookmark able? What percentage of traffic is direct?

A) YES… Say 25% direct, 50% from search, and rest of them from social stuff which is 25%. Social networks

Q) Where do you hire article writer?

A) You can find some good write from FL, OdesK etc. There are lots of native speakers looking for contents writing jobs.

Q) i have been very confused by tags. How many tags you use per post?

A) I use 4 to 6 tag on each post.

Q) What was the most influential thing that made your site went big?

A) I would say the niche is helps little bit though but the key was contents.

Q) If somebody offers you good deal for your sites, do you think you can re do the exact same step and end up with the same profitable site again?

A) No idea Any time but i am thinking to create another site myself in entertainment niche but little different if this works then I might…

Q) i just read , that u can Customized revenue terms – premium clients generally negotiate the share percentage with Google.

A) You are 100% right I can do whatever I want to, or I can tell them this is what I wanna do them just check and approve.

Q) What permalink structure do you use?


Q) 1.How many keywords you suggest me to use for 1 ads? Its better to use keywords in title? example: if i use this keyword: ” credit cards”?

A) For AdSense ads you don’t have to use any keywords cause Google has cookie they show ads on the person browsing history, yes always use keyword on the title and URL.

Q) How long till you get your first $1000 check?

A) it took me 4 to 6 month.

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